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  1. Purcell and Barry Soetero?, what an unlikley connection, though in the world of international organised crime, I guess anythings po.eoblssCiuld you refresh or update your info as to what sewers ol' Purcy is swimming in these days, and if any other young men with learning diabilities have killed themselves in homage to his greatness?

  2. The USA actually gets very, very little of its oil from the middle east or the Arab/persian world. it is a canard, though widely believed that the usa is dependent upon mideast oil for ist energy needs. Most foreign oil to the USA comes from Canada, Mexico, Venezuala, Nigeria and Angola.

  3. très chouette illustr' :)j'espère que les Suédoisiennes viendront nombreuses à Excalibulle;j'essaierai de passer, mais rien n'est moins sûr! il faut que je surveille le Cadavre Exquis de l'APB(ouverture du corps: 10h-12+14h-17h)…La levé du corps se fera à la clôture de l'expo', mais tu pourras passer sinon le Vendredi 2 oct ?!

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